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Fifth meeting of the AANChOR CSA Steering Committee in Brasilia

Fifth meeting of the AANChOR CSA Steering Committee in Brasilia

The AANChOR CSA Partners and the 6 All-Atlantic Joint Pilot Actions leaders recently met in Brazil for the fifth and final AANChOR CSA Steering Committee hosted by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MCTI) of Brazil, to present and discuss the achievements, impacts and future plans.

The first day was opened by the Secretariat for Strategic Policies and Programs Maria Barbosa with inspiring and welcoming words.

“We recognize that we are at a decisive point, where science, technology and innovation can play a crucial role in responding to challenges and creating a more sustainable and equitable future for the Atlantic and its communities” Secretary of MCTI Strategic Policies and Programs, Marcia Barbosa.

The meeting saw presentations on the achievements and lessons learned from all project partners and the six Joint Pilot Actions (JPAs), which built on important synergies with many other initiatives and projects from across the Atlantic, enlarging the All-Atlantic Community. As an example, with almost three years of existence, the All-Atlantic Blue Schools Network brought together around 445 schools from 14 countries, covering more than 125,000 students, 3,400 teachers and 189 partner institutions.
All the JPAs results will be available soon in the All-Atlantic Alliance’s communication channels!

Another initiative discussed in the meeting was the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors programme, which has the aim to equip young people with the skills and knowledge to act as effective ocean ambassadors, driving positive change and sustainable development in the Atlantic Ocean region. The Youth Ambassadors activities and their great achievements have been presented, together with relevant recommendations for the future of the initiative. More information on the activities of the Youth Ambassadors can be found on the programme section in the All-Atlantic Portal.

The AANChOR CSA Policy Officer Edoardo Casarotto and the Project Officer Gonzalo Garcia De Arboleya, who also joined the meeting online, acknowledged the work achieved by the project’s partners, the Joint Pilot Actions Leaders and stakeholders, and the All-Atlantic Youth Ambassadors. They highlighting the crucial role that international cooperation played and the important connection with the current other activities of the European Commission, that are placing the ocean at the top of the political agenda.

The Belem Co-Chairs acknowledged the importance of the impacts of AANChOR CSA activities, especially mentioning the results of the JPA and the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors and underlined the need to keep collaborating and enlarging the Atlantic Community, also in view of the new All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance (AAORIA) Declaration was signed last July in Washington DC.

The 5 th Steering Committee provided an opportunity to highlight achievements, reflect on impacts and plan future collaborations within and beyond AANChOR CSA, a programme that is serving as a key milestone in the continued efforts towards creating an All-Atlantic community and achieving a sustainable Atlantic Ocean.

The meeting was closed by the reading of the beautiful words of the poem of the Brazilian writer Cecilia Meirelles, Renew yourself.

Stay tuned for the publications of the project achievements and the future All-Atlantic Community gatherings!

Check out the pictures of the event HERE!