All-Atlantic Youth Ambassadors


In August 2019, the Co-Chairs of the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation and the Belém Statement on Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Cooperation launched the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors programme to enable the next generation to become actors of change in their communities, by promoting stewardship of the sustainable development of the Atlantic Ocean.

The first cohort of Youth Ambassadors in 2019 was challenged to campaign and drive change in their own communities, an effort that is delivering inspiring results focused on ‘sharing, connecting and acting”. Following the success of the first Summer School in August 2019, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Mariya Gabriel, launched the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Forum in Brussels in February 2020. The Youth Forum aims to empower early-career ocean youth in the larger All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance. 

The idea is to equip a broader community of early-career ocean professionals with the skills, education and training to enable them to drive movements of positive change and sustainable development along and across the Atlantic Ocean. The Youth Forum will, as part of education and training pathways for career development, integrate science and citizen engagement, communication and outreach and will become a major vehicle to promote young people’s competences and skills. The Youth Ambassadors programme is the cornerstone of this larger effort.

Following the positive impact of the first group of All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors, a second cohort was selected and presented during the 3rd All-Atlantic Forum to take place online on 3-4 December 2020.

The All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors are dedicated individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds, who promote sustainable development and stewardship of the Atlantic Ocean. They are currently either in training or education programmes, or in the early stages of their profession. Within the context of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance, Ambassadors will develop campaigns and communication strategies to reach out to local communities, students and civil society, engage decision makers as well as work with local media to conserve and protect the Atlantic Ocean for future generations. In developing online or local campaigns and events, Ambassadors will be integrated into the collaborative Atlantic pilot actions and supported by All-Atlantic research and innovation projects. 

The All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors take part in different training and educational programmes, communication and advocacy activities and events where they have the opportunity to engage with political, social, economic and scientific leaders to develop the necessary skills to become actors for change in their own communities and beyond.

The All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors are appointed for a preliminary period of one year, with the option of continuing their successful collaborations, subject to evaluation. Ambassadors continuing into the second year of their appointment will be invited to assist in the training, coaching and supporting of the next generation of Ambassadors.


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