Joint Pilot Actions

Following a year-long collaborative process among more than 70 stakeholders at the Atlantic level, the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Multi-Stakeholder Platform, divided into 5 sub-multi-stakeholders platforms, identified more than 1000 initiatives towards strengthening marine research and innovation collaboration at the Atlantic level, 56 gaps and 79 needs/recommendations to achieve the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance ambition, guided by a total of 20 Strategic Objectives, 20 Operational Objectives, and 10 Key Performance Indicators.

Based on these findings and on the idea of collaboration, alignment, and use of existing resources, they have developed six ambitious and long-term collaborative Joint Pilot Actions contribuiting to the implementation of the Belém Statement.

The engagement of All-Atlantic stakeholders is crucial for the success of the Joint Pilot Actions! 

All-Atlantic Ocean Capacity Development and Training Platform
The Joint Pilot Action on Capacity Development (AA-TP) plans to establish the “All Atlantic Training Platform” AATP as a tool to identify training needs, gaps, initiatives and create workshops, summer schools, and floating universities for the benefit of early-career scientists and technicians in Ocean Science. Streamline and bring together existing training measures, new challenges and find new and attractive formats to include all stakeholders is essential to provide the best possible education for young talents.
All-Atlantic Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform
Using the Brazilian aquaculture sector as a case study, the All-Atlantic Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (AA-ATiP) Joint Pilot Action will consider the steps required in the design, implementation, and management of a multi-stakeholder All-Atlantic Aquaculture Platform, following the principles of collaboration, cooperation and shared Ocean resources. A roadmap for the strategic progress of the aquaculture sector among the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance partners will be developed with engaged stakeholders working towards identified strategic research and innovation agendas for national sustainable aquaculture development.
All-Atlantic Marine Biotechnology Initiative
The All-Atlantic Marine Biotechnology Initiative (AA-BIOTECMAR) is a collective effort to support the development of new and emerging technologies intended to improve human health, encouraging the sustainable use of marine resources through marine biotechnology and advanced technologies in aquaculture, food production, fisheries management, and environmental monitoring. AA-BIOTECMAR will promote collaboration among countries of the Belem and Galway statements through workshops and technical visits, identify best methodologies for technology transfer, promote outreach and engage ocean leaders to support the blue growth.
All-Atlantic Data Enterprise 2030
The All-Atlantic Data Enterprise 2030 (AA-DATA2030) Joint Pilot Action aims at creating a one-stop, user-friendly transatlantic platform for gathering natural, social, and social-scientific data: the All-Atlantic Ocean Data Space (AAODS). The All-Atlantic Data Enterprise 2030 will support transatlantic information and data sharing in the spirit of ‘open science’ and the FAIR/CARE principles. The establishment of the All-Atlantic Ocean Data Space will ensure that, in the future, all stakeholders have free access to relevant data, thus safeguarding sustainable stewardship of the Atlantic Ocean.
All-Atlantic Blue Schools Network
The All-Atlantic Blue Schools Network (AA-BSN) Joint Pilot Action aims to connect schools from the Atlantic countries to rise and promote Ocean Literacy and society awareness, with no geographical, cultural, social, or language boundaries. The All-Atlantic Blue Schools Network will promote a bottom-up process where each school builds its own project based on its socio-cultural-economic reality. Linking all schools together will enhance knowledge exchange and create synergies.
All-Atlantic Marine Research Infrastructure Network
The All-Atlantic Marine Research Infrastructure Network (AA-MARINET) Joint Pilot Action will provide tools to support a transatlantic network of Research Infrastructures initiatives, promoting Trans-National Access and other methods for sharing infrastructures in the Atlantic area. It will work as a platform where stakeholders can share information about planned observation activities and available spare capacities, creating a forum where thematic networking and synergies will bring a better articulation of infrastructure-related activities in the Atlantic basin, improving the support of multidisciplinary science to address global societal challenges.