AAOYA Activities 2021/22

AAOYA Activities 2021/22

The All-Atlantic Youth Ambassadors ate actively participating in conferences, workshops, and seminars. 

The list of AAOYA activities for the years 2021 and 2022  is provided below: 

– Induction Training (February 2021): detailed News Article written by Julia (BR) and Othman (MR) here

– Mini Seminars (February 2021 – ongoing):

To maintain the virtual team spirit, a series of mini-seminars have been organizing featuring guest speakers and/or the AAOYA themselves, on topics that may be of interest to the AAOYA. 

  • Uli Kunz on ocean literacy (February 2021).

  • Louise Delaigue on Cultural Intelligence (April 2021)

  •  Andrei Polejack, Sigi Gruber and Theresa Keith (AAOYA – US) on Science Diplomacy (July 2021)

  • Benedikt Böhm, inspirational talks with extreme mountaineer (February 2022)

– Moderator trainings (May 2021):

The Youth Ambassadors were invited to attend training sessions on moderation, in preparation for their involvement at the VECOP Day and AllAtlantic21 conference. The sessions were organized by KDM and held in May 2021 by Joanne Sweeney, Digital Training Institute Ireland.

– AAOYA monthly meetings (March 2021 – ongoing):

AAOYA s meet once a month to discuss and coordinate their social media campaigns, involvement in events and activities, as well as the AANChOR Joint Pilot Actions. These meetings are self-driven by the AAOYA for the AAOYAs.



  • May 22: EU4Ocean – Ocean Literacy Festival. See the dedicated news item written by Eloise (BE) and Othman (MR) here

  • June 2-4: All-Atlantic2021 side event: self-organized side event by the AAOYA June 3-4: All-Atlantic2021 conference – session participation and panel discussions. See overview in news item written by Eloise and Othman here

  • June 1-2: V.ECOP day – 24h Livestream event, moderation by some AAOYA and participation in the different time-zone sessions.

  • June 1: UN Decade kick-off conference – participation of one AAOYA in High-Level roundtable with German Minister for Research and Education.

  • September 6: ICES Annual Science Conference – Strategic Initiative on Early Career Scientists (participation by Eloise – BE and Jorge – ES)

  • September 12: AtlantOS Ocean Hour: All Atlantic Data Space (participation by Othman – MR)

  • October 21: Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference, panel discussion (participation by Jorge – ES; Theresa – US; Eloise – BE; Fiona – DE; Gary – IE; Othman – MR + Eimear – IE Mentor)

  • November 2021: UNFCCC COP26 Blue Zone event on ocean literacy (participation by Kelsey Barnhill – UK)

  • November 10-11: EU Arctic Forum & Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue (participation by Louise – DK)

  • December 1: European Marine Board – UN Ocean Decade Forum (participation by Fiona – DE)


  • February 09-11: One Ocean Summit in Brest (participation by Elyne – FR)

  • Mission Ocean Kick-off in Marseille, France (June 2022, in person)

  • Ocean Summit in France (February 2022, in person)

  • All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 2022 Scientific Event in Brasilia (May-June 2022, presenting, panel discussions, online)

  • All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 2022 Ministerial Event in Washington DC (July presenting, panel discussions, in person)

  • Ocean Literacy Dialogues in Santos (October 2022, hosting, presenting, panel discussions, workshops, in person)



Bridging the Ocean” booklet, a collective of concepts and conversations focused on the ocean in relation to bringing awareness to the challenges the ocean is facing

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