Observing and Modelling the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the South Atlantic

Initiative Type: Projects

Belém Statement Area: Ocean Observation

Initiative Location: Argentina,Brazil,France,Germany,Russia,South Africa,Spain,United Kingdom,United States of America

Time Frame: 2005 - Ongoing


SAMOC is an international effort to study the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the South Atlantic and to understand its role on climate. To estimate meridional fluxes an array of Current-Pressure Inverted Echo Sounders (CPIES) were deployed along the SAMBA line. The instruments record internally the data, which are then retrieved either by acoustic telemetry or when the C-PIES are recovered for being serviced and redeployed. Data recovery and turnaround operations can only be realized during research cruises. During the cruises, several other type of activities are conducted, such as CTD Stations, ADCP Profiling and the collection of water samples for biogeochemical analyses.

Contact: Edmo Campos – São Paulo University (USP)

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