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Have your Say about Ocean Observation!

Have your Say about Ocean Observation!

The EC opened a consultation to seeks stakeholder views on the main challenges facing those engaged in all aspects of ocean observation – instrument design, monitoring campaigns, measurement analysis etc. – as well as those who need the results. It will invite feedback and suggestions on potential solutions. It will include both targeted consultations with those known to have a stake or an interest in the issue as well as an open consultation with a wide and representative position as possible. It will invite stakeholders to submit position papers, policy briefs, studies, roadmaps etc.

The objectives of the consultation are to:

• collect facts, views and opinions on current bottlenecks in ocean observation and options and preferences for resolving them;

• ensure all voices are heard with adequate representation of all stakeholder groups – private industry, public authorities, civil society, research;

• gather further information, including roadmaps, policy briefs, studies and analysis of policies, actions and technologies.

Deadline: 19th of February 2021 

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