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On May 17th 2024, in a Brazilian city 300 km far from the sea, the All-Atlantic Blue Schools Network (AA-BSN) and the AtlantECO project promoted an in-presence event to celebrate...
The 2024 UN Ocean Decade Conference gathered ocean professionals and enthusiasts in Barcelona, also being an ideal occasion for the All-Atlantic community to reunite and reaffirm its commitment to a...
A roadmap now aligns and connects EU and Ocean Decade programmes and mobilises partners within and outside the EU Today, at the UN Ocean Decade conference held in Barcelona, DG...
The 2024 UN Ocean Decade Conference takes place on 10-12 April in Barcelona, Spain, as the highlight of the Ocean Decade Week (8-12 April), and as cornerstone event within this...


Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, UNITAR and the International Ocean Institute (IOI) launched the Online Diploma on Ocean Governance for Sustainable Marine Ecosystems Whilst the current pandemic has understandably attracted society’s focus and energy, the consequences of the climate crisis remain as urgent to address as ever before. The MoU between UNITAR and IOI aim to focus on current and future policy leaders, by equipping: “A global network of trained and empowered leaders…with the knowledge, skills and essential attitude required for effective governance of the planet’s precious resources”. As the avenue of application for cooperation between UNITAR and IOI was “Academic Excellence in Ocean Governance and Diplomacy”, this mission has led to the creation of the new Online Diploma on Ocean Governance for Sustainable Marine Ecosystems.


This programme will raise awareness as to the scope of strains endured by ocean eco-systems. It will offer key insights to translate environmental principles to short-term, actionable objectives, for long-term sustainable use of marine ecosystems. Collecting scientific data and apprehending factual threats to our oceans is not enough to ensure long-term commitment to sustainability. The significance of the matter must be accurately understood by the public and law-makers for effective implementation of sustainable policies. Therefore, the Online Diploma will also provide the practical skillset to implement, and improve, scientific communication strategies and outreach activities.

As such, the programme will aim to enhance participant’s command of the following fundamental topics:

  • Ocean Governance and the Law of the Sea;
  • Negotiation and stakeholder involvement in the field;
  • Sustainable development;
  • Biodiversity, resources, climate and pollution.

Learning Objectives 

Upon successful completion of the Online Diploma, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the linkages between ocean governance and sustainable and equitable human resource use;
  • Describe the Law of the Sea and Principle of Ocean Governance;
  • Discuss trends and future challenges in the global and regional scenarios;
  • Explain the main concepts underlying marine biodiversity;
  • Apply relevant negotiation skills to support efforts to build a more effective multilateral and inclusive environment around the sustainable management of ocean resources and services;
  • Define and explain methods and procedures for evaluating the status of the marine environment through impact and risk assessments.

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