Do you have an innovative project? Are you the leader of a maritime sector business that is less than 8 years old? Are you looking to develop your project or accelerate your business? Be part of one of the most influential marine ecosystems in the world and boost your project!

The following concerns correspond to your project:

  • Marine energy and mining resources
  • Marine biological and biotechnological resources
  • Maritime ports, infrastructure and transportation
  • Seaboard environment and development
  • Maritime safety and security
  • Naval, sailing
  • Tourism

The NARWHAL CHALLENGE consists of a week of customized immersion in the Finistère, according to your activity and to the expertise needed to develop your project. The week will consist in various workshops :

  • Linking with a network of clients, partners or potential investors
  • Sharing experiences and skills concerning target fields
  • Discovering Brittany’s maritime economy and living environment

Apply until October 4th, 2019 on