AquaVitae is a H2020 project that aims to increase aquaculture production in and around the Atlantic Ocean by developing new species, processes and products. The focus of the project is placed on low trophic species (e.g. algae, echinoderms, shellfish), contributing to the circular economy and the Belém Statement.

AquaVitae will offer new opportunities to enhance the environmental, societal and economical wealth of aquacultures communities. The project will implement 11 case studies across the Atlantic basin (Europe, Africa, South America) taking into account several cross-cutting issues: biosensors, Internet of Things, market potential, sustainability, business and socio-economic analysis, policy framework and training.

The project will work to create real and meaningful collaboration between researchers,industry and other aquaculture stakeholders in the Atlantic area. Hence, AquaVitae will strongly contribute to the implementation of the Belém Statement. To know about the most recent achievements of AquaVitae, please check their latest newsletter here.