The European Commission's BlueInvest Initiative, in co-organization with Forum Oceano and the World Ocean Council, will promote the first “BlueInvest Virtual Ocean Funds Roundtable”, an event that will promote private Blue Economy Investment Funds, from different locations, with the objective of bringing investors and entrepreneurs together, stimulating the financing of sustainable ocean solutions.

The "BlueInvest Virtual Ocean Funds Roundtable" includes a set of activities that precede the 2021 BlueInvest Day, and will have two sessions. The first will take place on January 13 between 8 am and 9 am CET, and the second will take place on January 14, between 6 pm and 7 pm CET.

Each session will welcome the participation of representatives from five active or newly created Investment Funds, looking for sustainable technologies, products and/or solutions in the area of ​​the Sea economy. Investors will make a short presentation to publicize the Fund that they represent, as well as the type of solutions they seek, the eligibility criteria for funding and the key factors for a successful partnership.

The Investment Funds pitch session will be followed by a round table dedicated to the theme "What is the way forward to accelerate sustainable investments in the Blue Economy". The event is open to the participation of SMEs, start-ups and other actors from different sectors of the Sea and will take place in an online format.

Registration can be done here. The program will be made available soon.