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Join Ifremer for your Post-Doc!

Join Ifremer for your Post-Doc!

Ifremer offers funding for post-doctoral research positions. For the year 2020, Ifremer offers a dozen post-doctoral contracts for a period of 18 months to researchers proposing innovative projects that are consistent with the three main themes below:

  • Protect and restore the ocean.
  • Sustainably use marine resources to benefit society.
  • Create and share ocean data, information & knowledge.

For more information about the themes, see application/pdf Appendix A.

Eligibility criteria are the following ones:

  • Candidates must not have been previously employed as doctoral or post-doctoral researchers in an Ifremer research unit nor in a joint research unit in which Ifremer is involved.
  • This call is open to applicants of any nationality whose last research experience (Ph.D. or post-doctoral contract) has been carried out in a laboratory outside of France.
  • Candidates must have held their Ph.D. after December 2014.

Evaluation criteria are the following ones:

  • Relevance to Ifremer’s strategy.
  • Scientific or technological quality of the project.
  • Innovative aspect of the subject and/or added value to Ifremer in terms of new skills.
  • Expected value of the project in terms of economic or industrial development.
  • Project’s relevance to the host research unit.

The required documents to submit an application are:

  • The application/pdf Application Form
  • For your convenience, a application/pdf Checklist is provided to summarize the documents that are expected in addition to the application form

Application forms must be sent in electronic format to the Scientific Direction of Ifremer ( by the 15th of January, 2020 at the latest. Contracts will begin only after the 1st of April, 2020. The form must be typed and sent as one single PDF file by email. We recommend contacting the Ifremer research unit most relevant to your proposal. Incomplete applications, applications submitted after the deadline or those not meeting the eligibility criteria will be disregarded.

The starting date of the post-doctoral contract will be determined in concertation with the head of research unit and the human resources department of Ifremer.

2020 Post-Doctoral Research Positions: Download (174.41 KB)

Application Form:  Download (684.91 KB)application/pdf

Checklist: application/pdf Download (339.81 KB)

Appendix A: application/pdf Download (528.41 KB)

For more information, please contact (copy to