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AA-ATiP’s Brokerage Event furthers plans for a Brazilian Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform

AA-ATiP’s Brokerage Event furthers plans for a Brazilian Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform

Event date: 17th-18th August 2022

During the 17th and 18th of August, the Joint Pilot Action (JPA) All-Atlantic Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (AA-ATiP) facilitated a Brokerage Event in Florianópolis – Santa Catarina State, Brazil, to consider supporting the sustainable development of the Brazilian aquaculture sector through the establishment of a multi stakeholder platform, responsible for the identification of strategic research and innovation priorities.

This event forms a core part of a series of activities planned by AA-ATiP, which aims to assist in the consideration of the development of a Brazilian Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (BrATip). The application of this experience will be considered more widely, specifically with regard to aquaculture stakeholders from other Atlantic nations and the potential for development of an aquaculture technology and innovation Platform for the entire Atlantic.

The event was moderated by the European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform (EATiP – BE/EU), represented at the event by the organisation’s Secretary General, David Bassett, and was coordinated with support from a local organising committee including the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazilian Fish Farming Association (PeixeBR) and the Brazilian Aquaculture and Aquatic Biology Society (AquaBio). Well over 50 key stakeholders participated, invited from a targeted stakeholder list mapped earlier in the life of the JPA, attending both in-person and through an online platform, this allowing for simultaneous English / Portuguese translation.

The occasion brought together representatives from the Brazilian aquaculture industry, including both companies and the key industry representative associations, academia and the research community, Brazilian Federal and State government and agencies and other groups and consultants, all involved in supporting aquaculture development.

Day ne saw introductory presentations given by the local organising committee, including addresses by Professor Ronaldo Cavalli – AquaBio (BR); Francisco Medeiros, Executive President – PeixeBR (BR); and Professor Felipe Vieira – Federal University of Santa Catarina (BR). Caique Neves, Senior Consultant at SPI – The Portuguese Innovation Society (PT), followed with a presentation on The All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance, in order to introduce the AANChOR Project to the participants – specifically Brazilian engagement and sign up – as well as the history of ocean science diplomacy as marked by the Galway and Belém Statements, and the recently signed the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation (AAORIA) Declaration.

David Bassett introduced the concept of industry led, multi-stakeholder aquaculture platforms, highlighting the trends in the development of and increasing support for such platforms, as well as the role and application of developing an associated Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda.

Pilar Santos Neves, Project Manager for Latin America – Innovation Norway (NO) and Fabio Pereira, Coordinator – BluEcoNet (DE) introduced international experiences of collaborations with Brazilian Aquaculture, respectively representing Innovation Norway – opportunities for collaboration between the South and North Atlantic and BluEcoNet – Considerations about the Germany-Brazil research network.

The introductory session concluded with a presentation of case studies of multi stakeholder platform development, with David Bassett introducing the European experience of EATiP and Professor Dave Little, Deputy Director, Institute of Aquaculture – University of Stirling (UK) presenting on the experiences of the EU funded EURASTiP support action – considering lessons learned from the development of national pilot aquaculture platforms in South Asia (Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand).

Taking into account the information and experiences presented during the morning session, the afternoon of day two involved participants considering the desire for, and practical considerations regarding the establishment of, any Brazilian platform. Issues identified included key objectives for the national sector, RTDI priorities required to facilitate this, stakeholders to be involved, funding models & the long-term sustainability of the platform.

Day one concluded with a technical visit to the Marine Shrimp Lab of the Aquaculture Department of the Federal University of Santa Catarina where delegates were entertained to a dinner of Brazilian aquaculture products, including local shrimp and oysters. The reputation of aquaculture products from Santa Catarina is well known throughout Brazil, and products from UFSC within Florianópolis itself.

After presenting a summary and conclusions from day one, the second day continued with further guided consideration of any possible structure for the Brazilian Platform. This included consideration of aligning any platform with national strategic visions – including the aquaculture strategies of the (Federal) Ministry of Agriculture and Embrapa, presented earlier to delegates within the workshop.

Finally, the afternoon of day two, saw the focus move to the role and importance of the creation of a Brazilian Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA), with the aim to promote the priorities for action required for the long-term development of a sustainable national aquaculture sector. It is noted that whilst the growth of the Brazilian industry is approximately 5% per annum, it is agreed the potential for growth is much, much higher. Discussions focussed on topics such as: the thematic areas for inclusion in any national (regional, or international) SRIA; the target audiences & end users for SRIA; ensuring legitimacy and objectivity in the development of the SRIA; and the future proofing and ensuring long-term viability for a SRIA

The event closed with a final Q&A, feedback session and summary of conclusions, as well as the consideration of the next steps and the identification of a steering committee to drive forward any Brazilian platform. A summary of conclusions will be presented to many participants from the brokerage event, alongside further stakeholders and invited parties, to be held during the International Fish Congress & Fish Expo Brazil, one of the most important aquaculture industry events for the sector, from August 31st to 02 September in Fóz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

For more information about AA-ATiP activities and the development of the platform, please contact David Bassett via , through the EATiP website or access the AA-ATiP page in the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance website.