The EurofleetsPlus Education and Training program offers training activities to early career technicians, marine scientists and (future) Research Infrastructure managers and will contribute towards EurofleetsPlus’ objective of Building a Career in Blue Growth.  Education, along with research and innovation, comprises the knowledge triangle and therefore plays a vital role in the advancement of knowledge, therefore, EUROFLEET+ aims to:

  • Build capacity in European ocean sciences research through a series of innovative webinars, blue skill labs and floating universities targeted at postgraduate students, early career researchers and professionals
  • Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology by facilitating broader access to European RV and Infrastructures
  • Promote, in collaboration with the EGU GIFT program, the Teacher@sea access to Eurofleets+ RV to attract primary and secondary school pupils to marine sciences careers.


- Floating University: R/V Mário Ruivo:

The general objective of the course is to provide theoretical background and practical experience in the scientific understanding of marine ecosystems and the services they provide and to use this knowledge to generate state-of-the-art advice for meeting conservation, management, and sustainability goals using as a case study the Nephrops norvegicus (Norway lobster).

Deadline: April 29th 2022

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- Marine Internship:

The Eurofleets+ Marine Internship Program will offer seagoing placements for students or technicians of marine related sciences and technologies on the Eurofleets+ partner research vessels, utilising spare berths. Placements can take place on dedicated research surveys being undertaken by vessels or during funded research cruises with PIs. The internships are intended primarily for marine oriented graduates, postgraduate students, early stage researchers and technicians. The programme will provide  a great opportunity to gain offshore experience, develop new skills and learn on the job with established research scientists and research leaders.

Deadline: March 31st 2023

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