Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study

Initiative Type: Programmes

Belém Statement Area: Climate Variability, Ocean Observation, Emerging Pollutants, Ocean Resources, Ocean Technology

Initiative Location: Australia,Canada,Chile,China,Germany,India,Ireland,Italy,Japan,South Africa,Sweden,United Kingdom,United States of America,Belgium,Brazil,Denmark,Finland,France,Greece,Israel,Malaysia,Mexico,Netherlands,New Zealand,Norway,Peru,Poland,Republic of Korea,Spain,Turkey

Time Frame: 2004-Ongoing


SOLAS is a international research programme which aims to address our understanding of the coupled ocean-atmosphere system and the biogeochemical and physical interactions within it. The following examples of research topics to be studied under SOLAS are presented in the paper: the DMS-climate linkage, organo-iodine compounds and new particle formation, alkyl nitrates and oxygenated trace gases and atmospheric inputs mediating ocean biogeochemistry. Finally, we give a brief outline of the science agenda of the SOLAS programme.


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