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Survey on COVID-19 impacts on aquaculture

Survey on COVID-19 impacts on aquaculture

The COVID-19 outbreak is increasingly impacting on the global economy with unpredictable consequences, and the aquaculture sector is no exception. As such, the AIR Centre invites you to complete a survey on that matter until 22 May 2020.

The survey is conducted by the University of Palermo, Department of Earth and Sea Science (DISTEM), Laboratory of Ecology, on the effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 on aquaculture, at a global level. The target is focused on managers, farmers, people belonging to associations, cooperatives etc. and the plan is to do a rapid assessment in the largest number of countries as possible, with the main aim to investigate the ability of the sector to react/cope with the pandemic event, and also to check for the main causes of economic loss (if any) by also asking if COVID-19 effects are being perceived as larger than other possible causes of economic loss previously experienced.

Your participation is essential. The survey is available in various languages:


Deadline is 22 May 2020.