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Seamester for Technical Training Course

Seamester for Technical Training Course

Call for Oceanographic Technicians to join Seamester for AANCHOR Technical Training Course – June/July 2022

Under the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance umbrella AANCHOR CSA has identified a need for Oceanographic Technicians to benefit from exposure to research cruise experience, and retraining and skills development. An exciting opportunity has become available for interested Oceanographic Technicians, under the framework of the All-Atlantic Joint Pilot Action on Capacity Development (AA-TP)! The state-of-the-art research and supply vessel SA Agulhas II (owned by the South African Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment) will be utilised by the University of Cape Town from 27 June to 8 July to conduct a Seamester training cruise for graduate students, during which oceanographic research will be done by the University of Cape Town’s Department of Oceanography, led by Professor Isabelle Ansorge. Approximately 20 berths have been made available for technicians who would like to participate and at the same time receive refresher training on the use and maintenance of oceanographic instrumentation. They will be mentored by internationally experienced senior technicians from several countries. A new curriculum has been designed which offers such exposure and a unique opportunity!

Who should apply?

• Citizens of Belem Statement countries (EU, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Cape Verde)

• Oceanographic Technicians who would like to go to sea for approximately one week to participate in an actual survey (Seamester). This will be preceded by two days of onboard preparation (application form attached)

• Senior Oceanographic Technicians who have the experience to conduct the training (application form attached)

Deadline for submission: 12th of May

Know more HERE

Find the application form HERE

Would you like to be a Lecturer/trainer support for the AATP Technical Training Programme? Apply HERE!

Deadline for submission for lecturer and trainer support: 13th of May