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Let’s Make Europe Blue

Let’s Make Europe Blue

Every action counts: Let’s Make Europe Blue

No matter where you live, what you do or the size of your contribution, we can all act together for a healthy ocean in Europe and beyond.

You may already know that “about 97 percent of Earth’s water is in the ocean”. But did you know that “a protein found in a jellyfish has contributed to cancer research” or that “cigarette butts are one of the top items found in beach clean-ups”?

Finding out these curious, fascinating and sometimes alarming facts can help us understand how we humans are linked to the ocean and its wellbeing.

We all know the ocean gives us life by generating oxygen. It also serves to regulate our climate. The ocean provides us with food, jobs and wellbeing. But our ocean is in crisis: a multitude of threats including climate change, overfishing and pollution put our ocean at risk, and no single action or entity can reverse this trend.

Changing course requires us to work together, changing mind-sets and policies, as governments, businesses and individuals, on multiple fronts.

Join our campaign

Every action – even the smallest one – brings change to our ocean!

The Make Europe Blue campaign is calling on you – citizens, businesses, organisations, authorities, celebrities, educators – to make a pledge to help the ocean. Your pledge is a personal promise or action that will keep our ocean healthy.

The campaign will run from May 21, 2021 to May 2022. We only have 12 months to make our contribution, so hop aboard!

With a personal commitment from every single one of us, we can protect the ocean and make Europe Blue.

Will you help us make Europe Blue?

The Make Europe Blue platform presents key facts about the state of the ocean. It is a place to gather inspiration and embolden others to act for a blue planet.

By making a pledge, you will appear on our interactive European Map and contribute to making Europe Blue.

How to join

Joining is easy:

  • Visit the Make Europe Blue platform
  • Make your pledge for the wellbeing of the ocean
  • Share your pledge with others using the #MakeEUBlue hashtag

Any type of pledge that serves our ocean will be accepted, so use your imagination, get creative and together we will make this happen

Your action matters. Make your pledge

No matter who you are, where you live, or the scale of your action: the ocean needs your pledge. Each and every action counts and makes a difference.

  • As a citizen: You can avoid single-use plastics, only eat sustainably caught seafood, or support a charity/NGO working for a healthy ocean.
  • As a business: You can ban single-use plastics in the offices, or commit to ocean-friendly sourcing, such as avoiding products from deep-sea mining.
  • As an organisation: You can build partnerships with similar organisations and develop projects to protect coastal areas, or sponsor ocean literacy events for citizens.
  • As a celebrity: You can reduce your CO2 emissions by choosing more sustainable travels from one destination to the other and use your platform to promote a sustainable ocean.
  • As an educator: You can motivate your students by planning recycling or beach cleaning projects and fitting ocean literacy projects into your curriculum.
  • … and that is just the start!

Inspire others

Every action creates a new drop of blue on our European canvas. The more we do, the bluer Europe becomes.

If you are excited by this project, invite others to hop aboard: your friends, family, business partners, competitors, your preferred celebrity or influencer. Tag them on social media and challenge them to make Europe Blue!

Together – across borders, age groups, and cultures – we can take care of our shared ocean. We can make a difference, one pledge at a time.


For any question, do not hesitate to contact Olga Mashkina at