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If Oceans Could Speak

If Oceans Could Speak

If the Ocean had a voice, what would it say to you?

Everybody who loves the sea has a story to share. In the podcast “If Oceans Could Speak” (IOCS), scientists and experts from different fields, scholars and sailors, artists, and activists share their stories about the oceans around us, their value, and vulnerability.

Season 1 of “If Oceans Could Speak” is all about the Arctic Ocean. The podcast team had the pleasure of talking to a number of people who shared their perspectives on the ocean, sometimes professional, sometimes deeply personal – but always with a deep love for the sea, its environment, and the people living along the shores of the great waters that are the heart of our planet.

This podcast is a collaborative effort as part of the #EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy initiative. Supported by the European Commission, this bottom-up, inclusive initiative aims at uniting the voices of Europeans to make the ocean a concern of everyone.

The team behind the podcast includes Penny Clarke from the British Antarctic Survey, Arne Riedel, Chiara Mazzetti and Karl Lehman from the Ecologic Institute in Berlin, Anna Saito from ACTeon Environment, Margherita Zorgno from EurOcean. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Jen Freer of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge and Prof. Dr. Stefan Kirchner of the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi.

“If Oceans Could Speak” is available on Buzzsprout and Spotify and in your favorite podcast app.

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