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4th MaRINET2 call to access marine research facilities is now open

4th MaRINET2 call to access marine research facilities is now open

The MaRINET2 project, in whch EurOcean is a partner, has a new call open to provide access to marine research facilities. If you’re looking to test your offshore renewable device or component, you could get free access to one of dozens of facilities.

The objective of the transnational access is to offer to the users free-of-charge access to the research and testing facilities of the MaRINET2 network. As there are limitations to the amount of access available for each facility, it is necessary to set a procedure over the whole duration of the project allowing optimum use of access time. Therefore, five periods of access will be organised over the lifespan of the project, each of them having a 6-month duration. A selection procedure will be organised for each of these access periods, starting with a call for proposals scheduled at least 3 months ahead of the starting date of the access period.

Calls for proposals are managed through the MaRINET2 website. A specific workspace was designed for applicants to fill in a formatted proposal form. Registering to a protected user account is required to access the workspace in order to guarantee confidentiality of the proposals.

It is requested from applicants (users) that they provide information related to the affiliation of the user group personnel, choice of infrastructure and period of access, selection and eligibility criteria. Detailed information is also required regarding the scientific project with a description of the proposed work including a test plan, technical requirements and anticipated outcomes. A possibility is also offered to attach to the form additional documents presenting details on the project.

All these elements are made available to the Infrastructure Manager in charge of the applied-for-access facility after closing of the Call period, in the form of a set of PDF documents.

Exchanges and discussions between users and infrastructure managers are made mandatory during the phase of application in order to ensure adequacy of the requested infrastructure in regard of the aim of the project and testing plan. These discussions should be initiated by the applicants, however, Infrastructure Managers should organise and plan the exchanges so as to make sure they obtain all the necessary information regarding the project and testing plan allowing a proper technical evaluation of the proposal.

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