Following a year-long collaborative process among more than 70 stakeholders at the Atlantic level, the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Multi-Stakeholder Platform identified more than 1000 initiatives towards strengthening marine research and innovation collaboration at the Atlantic level, together with gaps, needs, and recommendations to achieve the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance ambition.

Based on these findings and on the idea of collaboration, alignment and use of existing resources, six ambitious and long-term collaborative Joint Pilot Actions have been designed and are now ready to be implemented!

The Joint Pilot Actions have been designed by several institutions from all over the Atlantic Ocean, from Pole to Pole. The current partners are now calling on all other stakeholders interested in joining and being part of those actions needed to achieve the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance ambition.

A brand new video on the six Joint Pilot Action has just been released at the All-Atlantic 2021 Conference!

Enjoy it and make sure to be the next one to come onboard!