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G7 High-Level Conference on Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean Health and Coastal Resilience

G7 High-Level Conference on Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean Health and Coastal Resilience

Event date: 11 July 2024, 14:00 - 17:30 (CEST)

This high-level event is jointly organised by the Italian Ministry of University and Research and the European Commission, in the frame of the G7 Science and Technology 2024 and the Horizon Europe Mission “Restore our Ocean and waters”.

The event will present the state of implementation of monitoring, restoration and regeneration of seas, ocean and coastal areas, moving from research and innovation to local deployment, also through the development of the Digital Twin of the Ocean. It will showcase international efforts, measures and innovative solutions to regenerate marine biodiversity and ecosystems, improve climate mitigation and adaptation at the climate-ocean nexus, and enhance the resilience of coastal communities to the increasingly threatening effects of severe weather events, storms, hurricanes, ice-melting and sea-level rise. It will also address the resilience and security of water systems at the interface between land and seas, under climate change related extreme events such as droughts and floods.

The event will feature strategic mobilisation initiatives involving G7 countries, with particular focus on the EU Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030’, as well as the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership, the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance, and the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area PRIMA.

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