The Mission of the OKEANO CSA

The OKEANO CSA is the third EU-funded Coordination and Support Action (CSA), after the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Coordination and Support Action (AORA CSA) and the All-Atlantic Cooperation for Ocean Research and innovation (AANChOR CSA) project. Representatives from the European Commission and 16 partner organisations from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Cabo Verde, France, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, South Africa and Spain make up the OKEANO CSA consortium. Funded under Horizon Europe by the European Commission, the OKEANO CSA is coordinated by the Marine Institute (MI, Ireland) and its primary role is to support the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance.   

The main objective of the OKEANO CSA is to provide coordination and support to the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance, ensuring effective governance, cooperation, and communication amongst signatories. The OKEANO CSA aims to facilitate dialogue and collaboration at local, national, and international levels, to consolidate existing initiatives emphasising the importance of climate regulation, biodiversity preservation, and sustainable ocean economies. Specifically, OKEANO aims to achieve its objectives through several key actions:  

  • Coordination and Support: Provide professional support for effective governance and communication within AAORIA.  
  • Dialogue and Coordination: Facilitate structured dialogue and coordination between AAORIA and stakeholders at various levels.  
  • Supporting Existing Initiatives: Strengthen ongoing AAORIA initiatives, particularly ECOPs capacity building.  
  • Strategic Research Agenda: Develop a comprehensive research agenda integrating perspectives from North and South Atlantic regions.  
  • Communication and Outreach: Disseminate information about AAORIA’s activities and engage stakeholders through targeted efforts.  
  • International Fora: Organize international events to foster scientific cooperation across the Atlantic.  

Throughout these actions, OKEANO emphasizes engagement with stakeholders across Atlantic communities, including youth and indigenous groups, to address pressing challenges such as climate change, marine pollution, and sustainable fisheries.


The All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance (AAORIA) is the result of science diplomacy efforts involving countries from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, aiming at enhancing marine research and innovation cooperation. AAORIA intends to advance the shared vision of an Atlantic Ocean that is healthy, resilient, clean, safe, transparent, predictable, productive, understood and treasured to promote the well-being, prosperity and security of present and future generations. 

Signed in 2022, the AAORIA Declaration builds on the success of the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation and the Belem Statement on Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Cooperation. Furthermore, its objectives align with the EU’s priorities outlined in the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030, the Partnership for a climate-neutral sustainable and productive blue economy, the European Green Deal, and international dimension of the EU Atlantic Action Plan. With AAORIA’s motto being ‘Connecting-Cooperating-Acting’ the Alliance aims to become a long-term, sustainable, and highly impactful international partnership, capable of delivering transformative science and innovation, and concrete benefits for Atlantic communities.




Marine Institute (Ireland) okeanocoordination@marine.ie


1 March 2024


28 February 2027

Countries involved

Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Cabo Verde, France, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, South Africa and Spain

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