Valorização integral dos recursos marinhos: potencial, inovação tecnológica e novas aplicações

Valorização integral dos recursos marinhos: potencial, inovação tecnológica e novas aplicações



This project´s vision emerges from the commitment of the members of this consortium, aligned with the importance of the economy of the sea in the value chains represented in the project and in face of the existing challenges. This vision focuses on the consumer markets and on the skills and efforts surrounding the challenges for the valorisation of marine resources, and aggregates entities of the National Scientific System with relevant companies along the value chains. It is intended to promote technological development and its validation through pilot demonstrations and to develop collectively and cooperatively specific skills in companies, strengthening this cluster with a high capacity for growth. This project intends to materialise the strategic orientations of the Portuguese Sea Cluster in the development of the main value chains that use marine resources as central elements of their activity. The creation of new products, processes and tradable services with high technological content and innovation, as well as the promotion of intra and multisectoral cooperation are central elements of the project. This mobilisador project aims at the valorisation and efficient use of natural endogenous resources and the development of value chains associated with marine resources. The main goal of the project is the valorisation of marine resources by researching, developing and demonstrating new products and improving production processes through the development of new technologies. The ValorMar project proposes innovative solutions for the creation of new healthy food products, using sustainable and efficient technologies. The ValorMar project developed 4 innovative technological solutions that enhance the valorization and efficient use of marine resources through the integration of value chains, in a circular economy logic, articulating: aquaculture, food, biomedical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


Belem statement areas
Ocean Observation
Ocean Resources
Time frame
2017 - 2020