Upper Ocean Processes Group

Upper Ocean Processes Group



he primary focus of the Upper Ocean Processes Group is the study of physical processes in the upper ocean and at the air-sea interface using moored surface buoys equipped with meteorological and oceanographic sensors. The Upper Ocean Processes Group provides technical support to upper ocean and air-sea interface science programs. Deep-ocean and shallow-water moored surface buoy arrays are designed, fabricated, instrumented, tested, and deployed at sea for periods of up to one year. Surface buoys are equipped with meteorological sensors and recording packages with a satellite telemetry capability. Volunteer Observing Ships (VOS) are outfitted with the same meteorological sensors, but using different packaging. Oceanographic instruments for the measurement of temperature, salinity, and currents are routinely prepared, tested, and deployed on moorings. Testing of meteorological and oceanographic sensors, both in the lab and in the field, are ongoing. Pre- and post-deployment work relating to the field deployments includes data acquisition, verification, display, and archiving.


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