The Support Action to GMES Africa on Earth Observation

The Support Action to GMES Africa on Earth Observation



The SAGA-EO proposition consists in a feasibility study on critical pieces of the puzzle of the Lisbon Declaration Implementation Plan on GMES and Africa and to complement previous experience in that field. The SAGA-EO concept is based on a sound experience of both European and African programmes dealing with environment monitoring based on information derived from Earth Observation data. The main finding driving the concept is that no programme tackles the EO field as a global approach (technological, organisational and institutional). The way to implement this EO capacity building challenge is to set-up dedicated EO networks at African national level and to link them with existing initiatives in Africa and Europe. In SAGA-EO, the EO network approach will constitute the ground where to build the thematic networks. The main purpose and objectives of the SAGA-EO project is to design and implement the network organisation and associated technology and to prove it in five countries trough the following the five main actions : Action 1: To define African Earth Observation network organisational models at national level Action 2: To define generic technological solutions, compatible with existing standards, to receive, archive, share, disseminate, advise on EO data Action 3: To implement a proof of concept of the organisation & technology in few countries Action 4: To write a methodology for the implementation of the future operational networks and system Action 5: To cooperate with the GMES Africa Working Groups in the preparation of the EU-AU Join Strategic Partnership action plan.


Belem statement areas
Ocean Observation
Time frame
2010 - 2012


Jean-Paul Raoust
Thales Alenia Space