Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association

Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association



SECOORA – Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association – is the coastal ocean observing system for the Southeast U.S. Our mission is to observe, understand, and increase awareness of our coastal ocean; promoting knowledge, economic and environmental health through strong regional partnerships. Guided by our members, Board, users, regional ocean experts, managers, and other stakeholders, we collect data and create tools that support human populations, coastal economies and a healthy, sustainable environment. Our observing system is comprised of multiple data products, moored and coastal stations, high-frequency radars, and a glider observatory. SECOORA is one of 11 regional coastal observing systems that comprise the NOAA led United States Integrated Ocean Observing System (U.S. IOOS®). IOOS is essentially the weather service for the coastal oceans and Great Lakes, providing the ability to “see” what is happening both above and below the surface and making that information readily available. IOOS includes 17 Federal agencies and a national network of 11 regional observing systems.


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