Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic

Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic



The Shipboard Automated Meteorological and Oceanographic System (SAMOS) initiative aims to improve the quality of meteorological and near-surface oceanographic observations collected in-situ on research vessels (R/Vs) and select volunteer observing ships (VOS). Scientific objectives of SAMOS include: (1) Creating quality estimates of the heat, moisture, momentum, and radiation fluxes at the air-sea interface; (2) Improving our understanding of the biases and uncertainties in global air-sea fluxes; (3) Benchmarking new satellite and model products; (4) Providing high quality observations to support modeling activities (e.g., reanalysis) and global climate programs. To achieve the science objectives, the SAMOS initiative seeks to: (A) Improve access to quality assured SAMOS data for scientific and operational users by providing free and open access to data and metadata; (B) Expand availability of SAMOS observations collected in remote ocean regions (e.g., Southern Ocean); (C) Improve the accuracy and calibration of SAMOS measurements; (D) Provide standards for data and metadata collected on SAMOS equipped vessel; (E) Ensure routine archival of SAMOS data at world data centers; (F) Develop documentation and training materials for use by data collectors and the user community; (G) Support comparison studies between in-situ platforms (e.g., R/Vs, VOS, buoys); (H) Develop partnerships in the international marine community.


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