Satelite Altimetry Data

Satelite Altimetry Data



AVISO+ stands for “Archiving, Validation and Interpretation of Satellite Oceanographic data”. Here, you will find data, articles, news and tools to help you discover or improve your skills in the altimetry domain through four key themes: ocean, coast, hydrology and ice. Altimetry is a technique for measuring height. Satellite altimetry measures the time taken by a radar pulse to travel from the satellite antenna to the surface and back to the satellite receiver. Combined with precise satellite location data, altimetry measurements yield sea-surface heights. The AVISO+ website displays a new mapplet with geolocalised, coloured, cross check indicators for tide gauge networks. These indicators provide comparability information for each tide gauge station with altimetry data from one to four satellite missions. Some key metrics are available through a “light” version in an information card for each tide gauge, whereas a full version provides more information on the agreement between altimetry and tide gauge records.


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2014 - Ongoing


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