RV Vital de Oliveira

RV Vital de Oliveira



The Hydroceanographic Research Ship (NPqHo) Vital de Oliveira is a brazilian navy ship equipped for oceanographic research in Geology and Biology.
The Brazilian Navy commissioned the construction to the Chinese shipyard Guangzhou Hantong Shipbuilding and Shipping Co. Ltd., from Xinhui. After the testing phase, technical adjustments and equipment installation, held in Singapore, was delivered on March 24, 2015, at keppel marine pier. Five laboratories are installed on board, two of which are wet and three dry. The name is a tribute to the captain-frigate Manoel Antonio Vital de Oliveira. Patron of Brazilian hydrography, he died in the War of the Triple Alliance during the bombing of curupaiti fort on February 2, 1867. On the inaugural voyage, Vital de Oliveira made a stopover in South Africa, where 18 researchers embarked. The ship arrived in Brazil on July 15, 2015. In November of the same year, it was used to assess the damage caused to the coast of Espírito Santo by the toxic mud that leaked after the dam rupture in Bento Rodrigues.


Belem statement areas
Climate Variability
Emerging Pollutants
Ocean Observation
Ocean Resources
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2015 - Ongoing