Qqs Project Society

Qqs Project Society



Qqs Projects Society is dedicated to supporting Heiltsuk youth, culture, and environment in order to create a strong and vibrant future for their children, their Nation, and their territory. For that they run 3 different programmes: Koeye Camp – an innovative youth science and cultural camp program with a mandate “to open the eyes of our children to their responsibility as stewards of our land, culture, and resources”. Our camp model integrates scientific learning and cultural rediscovery into a fun, challenging, and comprehensive education program; Coastwatch – a Heiltsuk-driven scientific research initiative that provides Heiltsuk people with the skills and knowledge to be proactive in resource management and conservation planning in their traditional territory. They record baseline ecological data that can be used to guide Heiltsuk stewardship of their terrestrial and marine environments; SEAS Internship – a program designed to create opportunities for young people to be engaged in fieldwork and technology. Four Heiltsuk interns are currently working in the community and in the field, assisting with a variety of research and monitoring projects being undertaken by Coastwatch on the outer coast.


Belem statement areas
Emerging Pollutants
Ocean Resources
Time frame
1999 - Ongoing


Larry Jorgenson
Qqs Projects Society