Post Graduate Degree: Master of Arts in Ocean Governance

Post Graduate Degree: Master of Arts in Ocean Governance



This Masters degree programme on Ocean Governance being offered by the University of Malta in collaboration with the International Ocean Institute (IOI) is unique in its approach – it aims to forge a knowledge base that is essentially legal but which also delves into the natural and social sciences to determine how an effective regulatory framework should operate. The Master’s in Ocean Governance serves to further enhance the development of learning and research in the field of marine resource management and maritime security from a multidisciplinary perspective. In this era of globalization and sectoral integration, capacity building in the regulation of ocean governance plays a pivotal role in ensuring safe and healthy oceans for the benefit of humankind and the planet. The programme is delivered over 13 months of study, commencing each October and the degree is delivered at the Valletta campus of the University of Malta in Malta, Europe. The programme is coordinated by the Environmental and Resources Department within the Faculty of Laws of the University of Malta, and is supported by: The Department of International Law (Faculty of Laws), the Institute of Earth Systems, the Department of Biology (Faculty of Science) and the International Ocean Institute.


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