Oil Spill Prevention and Response at Local Scales

Oil Spill Prevention and Response at Local Scales



The main aims of the SPRES project are to: (i) develop a set of high resolution operational oceanographic systems in several estuaries or ports located in the Atlantic Area, and (ii) establish local oil spill response plans for these local areas based on risk assessment. This work will apply to estuaries all along the European Atlantic coast region. The project partners have been chosen to represent the full range of coastal and hydrological conditions. The methodologies and techniques developed will be applied to sites with physical, biological and socio-economical characteristics that make them highly vulnerable to oil spill. This project creates a transnational multi -disciplinary co-operation across 8 main project partners of four countries of the Atlantic Area (Spain, Portugal, France and United Kingdom), with the aim of address ing common problems and solutions regarding the enhancing the marine and coastal environment sustainability. A combined effort between the partner countries will allow achieving a much greater progress than separate country actions, thus establishing common standard that will contribute to the improvement of interconnections between territories. Although the core partners are research institutes, the match funder s and sponsors include regional, government and environmental authorities. The stakeholders will contribute in ensuring that the results and findings are taken up by end users.


Belem statement areas
Emerging Pollutants
Ocean Observation
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2012 - 2014


João Miguel Dias
University of Aveiro