Ocean Data and Information Network for the Caribbean and South America

Ocean Data and Information Network for the Caribbean and South America



ODINCARSA was set up primarily as a mechanism for assessing the current and potential state of development of national data centers and to create the means for mutual capacity-building in South America and the Caribbean. It further sought to develop a cooperation network for managing and exchanging oceanographic data and information within these regions. ODINCARSA is a network which is integrated by 19 IOC Member States. ODINCARSA mission is to strengthen the exchange of ocean data and the capacity of Marine Information Management in the Caribbean and Latin America in order to contribute to Marine Sciences, the Integrated Operational development of Oceanography and coastal management activities at the regional level. ODINCARSA main objectives are to: (1) Activate a network of cooperation in the Ocean of Data and Marine Information Management; (2) Evaluate the current status and development potential of the National Data Centers and Information Centers; (3) Provide opportunities for capacity development related to the Ocean and marine data and information management; (4) Provide data on the oceans and on information products and services that support operational oceanography, coastal monitoring, the environment, and coastal management; (5) Implement a Comprehensive Action Plan to improve the existing capacity in the Management of Oceanographic Data and the Management of Marine Information.


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