Ocean Alive



Ocean Alive is the first cooperative in Portugal dedicated to protecting the ocean. Their vision is a healthy ocean protected by coastal communities. They promote ocean protection through marine education and behavioral transformation. The Ocean Alive project is focused on the Sado estuary, where marine grasslands are the nursery habitat for prey of a resident population of dolphins and fish and shellfish from the fishing community. It aims to protect marine grasslands involving women from the Guardian of the Sea fishing community. Our action takes place through a marine education program, awareness campaigns. The Ocean Alive project has UNESCO as its institutional partner. It contributes to Sustainable Development Goal 14 on conservation and sustainable use of the ocean, SDG 5 on gender equality and women’s empowerment, SDG 13 on urgent action to combat climate change and SDG 4 for quality education for all. A project led by women passionate about the sea.


Belem statement areas
Emerging Pollutants
Ocean Resources
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2015 - Ongoing


Raquel Gaspar
Ocean Alive