Ocean Alive Summer Course

Ocean Alive Summer Course



This marine science summer course is embedded into na award-winning local sustainability project, Keepers of the Sea, from Ocean Alive portuguese NGO. Participants take on the challenge of developing life-changing and balanced solutions as part of their final evaluation. Scientific main topics under research include water quality and human impacts, marine ecology (nursery habitats and key species), monitoring techniques and ocean health, climate change and blue carbon and science and community conservation. Through this Camp participants immerse themselves in local culture with visits to the fish market, cooking classes and traditional dance; take action by participating in beach cleanups and awareness campaigns on seagrass monitoring; ride the waves in a surf experience and enjoy the night lights through stargazing and fireflies observation. Course activities include lectures, hands-on lab classes, scientific protocols in marine studies, field and water activities to explore marine wildlife.


Belem statement areas
Climate Variability
Ocean Resources
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2016 - Ongoing


Raquel Gaspar
Ocean Alive