Naval Engineering Degree – Universidad Tecnológica Nacional

Naval Engineering Degree – Universidad Tecnológica Nacional



The proposed professional profile is adapted to the current requirements proposed both by the process of globalization from which it is impossible to escape and the necessary regional integration, but without leaving aside the local reality itself.´On these bases, it is a matter of strengthening training in the basic sciences, particularly in the area of mathematics, but with a defined orientation towards its application in engineering. Basic training is complemented by subjects in the area of applied technology, which includes solid mechanics, thermodynamics, electrotechnology and materials science. A particular treatment is applied to fluid mechanics and structural analysis. In the area of applied technology, there is a tendency towards training that allows the assimilation and interpretation of the technological changes that are occurring with increasing frequency. This area is subdivided into four lines of knowledge: naval architecture, naval structures, propulsion mechanisms, ship steering and services and shipbuilding. As complementary training, subjects are included that are fundamentally oriented towards providing management tools in addition to those belonging to the humanistic and complementary area of professional practice.


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Ocean Resources
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Alejandro Vaccari
National University of Mar del Plata