MyScience cruise

MyScience cruise



MyScience-Cruise – an on-board training on the research vessel METEOR during two expeditions in 2016. Ocean Observations are one of the cornerstones for understanding, assessing and predicting ocean change – MyScience-Cruise provides the unique opportunity of a practical training on ocean observations and ocean research in the South Atlantic. The first cruise will start on 29. February 2016 in Cape Town. With 9 outstanding students from 7 nations on board the cruise will, after 18-day at sea, end in Rio de Janeiro on the 18. March. The students will actively participate in the research conducted during the cruise and which covers physical oceanography, marine meteorology, biogeochemistry, plankton ecology, and paleoceanography. Expert Training on a variety of observing instrumentation as well as lectures will be provided. The students will work out a specific science theme during the cruise and that will be presented during a reception at the end of the cruise in Rio de Janeiro.


Belem statement areas
Climate Variability
Ocean Observation
Ocean Resources
Time frame
2016 - 2016


GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel