Master in Environmental Science and Technology – Universidade do Vale do Itajaí

Master in Environmental Science and Technology – Universidade do Vale do Itajaí



PPGCTA aims to train professionals to work in the areas of teaching, research and development in Environmental Science and Technology through the knowledge-domain of the main instruments of Brazilian public environmental, sectoral and urban policies focused on environmental management. Univali’s post-graduate course in Environmental Science and Technology has renowned researchers who work in research within the Brazilian coastal zone, in watersheds, in urban areas, as well as in sectors considered strategic for the country’s development, such as: biotechnology, artisanal and industrial fishing, marine and coastal management and governance, marine and coastal geology, aquatic and marine pollution, coastal risk management, and also in Environmental Impact Studies – EIA and Neighborhood Impact Studies – EIV, among others. The Program’s headquarters is located in the municipality of Itajaí, located on the right bank of the Itajaí River estuary on the north-central coast of Santa Catarina. Itajaí is one of the most dynamic cities in the south of Brazil and a reference in the port, fishing and tourism sectors. The conjugation of these economic sectors makes the course very dynamic through the disciplines that seek to understand the current phenomena and present in the region, as well as in the researches considered as reference for their degree of innovation and creativity in the national and international scenario.


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Ocean Observation
Ocean Resources
Ocean Technology
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