Maritime Studies – Nelson Mandela University

Maritime Studies – Nelson Mandela University



The Department of Development Studies of the Nelson Mandela University offers an innovative Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Studies. The programme is designed to equip students for exciting career options and/or advancements in the booming fields of marine, maritime and coastal development, port management and development, as well as the associated areas of coastal and marine tourism. More particularly it seeks to: (A) Equip students with knowledge of socio-economic and economic aspects of marine and maritime affairs so as to provide them with the skills necessary in understanding a coastal economy; (B) Provide a sufficient number of qualified professionals with additional skills in marine affairs and maritime studies; (C) Meet the national need for marine and/or maritime specialists
Respond to the need for competent maritime specialists with specific reference to sustainable development and beneficiation of coastal economies; (D) To respond to the needs for additional skills and better and in-depth understanding of marine and coastal economies and the socio-economic problems facing these economies; (E) To provide the analytical skills necessary to respond to emerging options and projects in the area of port management, development and security.


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Ocean Resources
Ocean Technology
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