Integrated Biotechnological Solutions for Combating Marine Oil Spills

Integrated Biotechnological Solutions for Combating Marine Oil Spills



KillSpill delivers innovative (bio)technologies, which can be integrated to the real sequences of state-of-the-art actions used currently to cleanup oil spills. The catalogue of KillSpill products & technologies is based on a review of technology & knowledge gaps in approaches of oil spill disasters and brings appropriate tools for 1st response, follow-up, and longer-term actions, specifically tailored to the versatility of oil spills. KillSpill develops chemicals & biochemicals to be used for 1st response actions to disperse/emulsify oil and materials enabling the containment and sorption of oil, preparing the field for the follow-up actions. KillSpill develops (Bio)technologies aiming at intensified biodegradation processes by bioaugmentation/biostimulation as follow-up and longer term actions in aerobic/slight anoxic compartments. KillSpill develops (bio)technologies adapted for the remediation of anoxic/anaerobic fresh & chronically polluted sediments. KillSpill compiles knowledge on dispersion/sorption and biodegradation processes to produce multifunctional products, which are suited for follow-up and longer term actions. The multifunctional products address the necessity for integrated bioremediation (bioavailability, metabolic requirements, etc. ) and are efficient along the whole redox gradient from surface water to sediments. The products/technologies are field-tested in open sea oil spills and large mesocosms to unravel the champions products & technologies. The (bio)tools are benchmarked with existing solutions using cutting-edge analytics, biosensors, and omics and checked for eco-efficiency to merit green label. KillSpill consortium is multidisciplinary and gathers 33 partners from 12 EU and EU-associated countries and USA; 18 research & academic institutions, 14 SMEs, and 1 association of oil spill companies work together with the support of a high level advisory board to cover the whole chain of oil spill (bio)remediation.


Belem statement areas
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2013 - 2016


Nicolas Kalogerakis
Technical University of Crete, Polytechneio Kritis