Halocarbons in the Ocean and Atmosphere database project

Halocarbons in the Ocean and Atmosphere database project



The HalOcAt (Halocarbons in the Ocean and Atmosphere) database project has been initiated to work with the research community to bring together global oceanic and atmospheric halocarbon data with an emphasis on short-lived brominated and iodinated trace gases from the surface ocean and lower atmosphere. The project aims to utilise data collected during numerous cruises and from other relevant platforms. HalOcAt is an initiative of SOLAS project Integration as part of COST Action 735 (an EU-funded networking tool), both of which have the express aims of providing best-estimates of global air-sea fluxes. HalOcAt will start to produce estimates of global air-sea flux in January 2010 using all data that has been assembled by that time. HalOcAt will make database available to the community by the end of 2010. HalOcAt will serve as source of comparison for individual data sets. HalOcAt-database will eventually be published in a global data centre (no obligation for contributors).


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