Global network of Ocean Gliders Observations

Global network of Ocean Gliders Observations



The OceanGliders program started in September 2016 to support active coordination and enhancement of the worldwide glider activity. OceanGliders contributes to the present international efforts for Ocean Observation for Climate, Ocean Health and Real Time Services. It brings together marine scientists and engineers deploying gliders all over the world to: (1) observe the long-term physical, biogeochemical, and biological ocean processes and phenomena that are relevant for societal applications; and, (2) contribute to the GOOS through real-time and delayed mode data dissemination. OceanGliders is distributed in several national and regional observing systems in which glider observations significantly contribute to integrated, multi-scale and multi-platform sampling strategies. OceanGliders shares best practices, requirements, efforts and scientific knowledge needed for glider operations, data collection and analysis. It also monitors global glider activity and supports the dissemination of glider data in regional and global databases, in real-time and delayed modes, and facilitates data access to wider communities. OceanGliders currently supports global, national and regional initiatives to expand the capabilities and application of the platforms to challenges such as improved measurement of ocean boundary currents, water transformation and storms.


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Climate Variability
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2016 - Ongoing