German-Brasilian Aquaculture network

German-Brasilian Aquaculture network



BluEco Net is a bilateral bioeconomy research network with a thematic focus on the entire aquaculture value chain. Together incentives and projects are initiated with the focus to develop new technologies and processes with clear economic and ecological benefits for both sides along the thematic areas. BluEco Net is a network with its own identity, a virtual, institutional character with web presence as access to and for visibility to the outside, a management structure (MNG), separate sections (FG), an interdisciplinary, bi-national executive board with industry representation (min. 25% SMEs) and a common pool of staff / experts and infrastructure facilities. The aim of the project is the establishment of a self-supporting, bi-national bioeconomy research network with a thematic focus in the area of agricultural economics, specified on the entire aquaculture value chain, including its associated service sectors, technology providers, suppliers of raw materials (animal and plant breeding, agriculture) and its customers of the food industry. This focus, in collaboration with Brazil, has been set for the reason that the Brazilian Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services considers this area of bio-economy to have an exceptional potential. Also, it is of subject to incredible growth momentum and investment power, and regarding its relatively new past in Brazil having to deal with numerous problems, for which solutions in the course of cooperation should be developed in this project.


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Fabio Pereira
Technologie-Transfer-Zentrum Bremerhaven