From Minas to the Sea: A Formative Proposal in Marine Biology for Biology Graduates and Teachers

From Minas to the Sea: A Formative Proposal in Marine Biology for Biology Graduates and Teachers



Basic knowledge about the biology of marine species, their ecological interactions and the effects of human activities on their populations is fundamental for professionals in this area, especially biologists. In this sense, we propose a project that allows the formation of graduates and teachers of Biological Sciences in the area of Marine Biology. Initially, science and biology undergraduates and teachers from elementary schools will be invited to select priority content and approaches according to their needs and willingness to participate. Once the contents and approaches have been defined, theoretic-practical classes and workshops will be given on basic aspects of Marine Biology. Depending on the participants’ interest, specific workshop topics will be selected, to which expert researchers will be invited. Then, practical activities will be developed on the coast, with the objective of enabling participants to contact some of the main coastal environments. Biological materials will be brought to the Institute of Biology (UFU) for the development of practical laboratory classes. After their use, the materials will be deposited in the didactic collections of the Institute of Biology. With the knowledge shared in the previous stages, both teachers and undergraduates will be invited to propose and perform activities (classes, workshops, exhibitions, games) in their home schools or in public spaces. The project will be closed with a symposium to present and discuss the work developed by the participants.


Belem statement areas
Climate Variability
Emerging Pollutants
Ocean Observation
Ocean Resources
Ocean Technology
Polar Research
Time frame
2018 - 2018


Giuliano Buzá Jacobucci
Federal University of Uberlândia