Fisheries data – East Africa

Fisheries data – East Africa



In FIDEA, ZMT and fisheries research institutes (TAFIRI, IIP and IMS) in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Mozambique join forces together with key stakeholders in the region to improve data collection and analysis for the artisanal fisheries to support the collection, management and use of the data in the region, and to advance the countries commitments to report on the SDG 14 progress. Through a participatory and science-based approach, the partnership will work jointly with stakeholders to review the current fisheries monitoring system to make recommendations for an improved and efficient data collection, handling, analysis and reporting. These efforts will be supported by training, which will target data collectors, researchers and decision-makers from the WIO region. The objective of the FIDEA project will be achieved through applied research combining scientific tools with participatory techniques, outreach and capacity building. The following measures are building upon each other: (1) Review and assessment – make recommendations for an improved fisheries monitoring at the national and regional level; (2) Strategy development – develop a strategy for updating and improving routine data collection and processing; (3) Training and support – conduct training to equip managers with the skills for data handling; (4) Digital application – application of digital technology to support the efficient and timely collection of data; (5) Harmonization and reporting – Develop reporting and dissemination guideline.


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Ocean Resources
Time frame
2019 - 2021


Matthias Wolff
Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research