EUropean PORTWorkers TRAIning Scheme

EUropean PORTWorkers TRAIning Scheme



EU-PORTRAItS addresses the requirements of the SST2013. 6-2 (Towards a competitive & resource efficient port transport system) topic facilitating the implementation of “broad & open dialog with the social stakeholders” for the “establishment of a mutually recognizable framework on the training of port workers in different fields of port activity” under the unique goal of bringing EU ports at the forefront of competition by investing in the development of a well-trained, competent & strong human capital securing the employee rights at work. EU-PORTRAItS aims to examine the “map” of the EU ports ‘human capital’ in relation to the sector’s current and future needs &requirements for well educated, trained &qualified staff, who can ensure safe & efficient operations in EU ports, securing EU ports’ industry competitiveness. Through the establishment of a Social Dialogue Partners Network initially comprising key stakeholders from 7 EU Member States and additional European & International level experts and institutions, EU-PORTRAItS fosters an open dialog among parties to support consensus building for a mutually recognizable framework on the training of port workers in different fields of port activities. A well balanced, experienced & multidisciplinary consortium will: (A) Assess the future human resource requirements for EU ports in the 2030 horizon; (B) Identify views and potential impediments in the adoption of a mutually recognizable port worker training framework; (C) Facilitate an effective, broad and open dialogue of key stakeholders; (D) Evaluate the implementation of the training framework within different contexts; (E) Support consensus building and facilitate Cross-fertilization of the project results to different environments.


Belem statement areas
Ocean Technology
Time frame
2013 - 2016


Maria Boile
Centre for Research and Technology Hellas