Co-ordinating and Co-designing the European Polar Research Area

Co-ordinating and Co-designing the European Polar Research Area



EU-PolarNet is the world’s largest consortium of expertise and infrastructure for polar research. EU-PolarNet is being funded by the EU, there is EU-PolarNet 1 and 2. EU-PolarNet2: EU-PolarNet will develop and deliver a strategic framework and mechanisms to prioritise science, optimise the use of polar infrastructure, and broker new partnerships that will lead to the co-design of polar research projects that deliver tangible benefits for society. EU-PolarNet aims to improve co-ordination between EU member polar research institutions building on existing networks to create a resource orientated infrastructure access and usage plan. This plan would allow for the co-ordination of data and infrastructure between all the partner organisations. EU-PolarNet will develop an integrated EU Polar research programme by identifying short and long-term scientific needs and optimising the use of co-ordinated Polar infrastructure for multi-platform science missions whilst fostering trans-disciplinary collaboration on Polar research. EU-PolarNet will also create and sustain ongoing dialogue and co-operation with Polar stakeholders by supporting meaningful interaction to shape future research, exchange key information and foster joint involvement.


Belem statement areas
Polar Research
Time frame
2020 - 2024


Nicole Biebow
Alfred Wegener Institute - Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research