CIIMAR na Escola

CIIMAR na Escola



The main objective of the CIIMAR na Escola’s project is to contribute to the development of education and scientific literacy, and to awaken the curiosity of young people about marine and environmental sciences, bringing the scientific community closer to the school public. Through an online platform, teachers and educators are available free of charge with a set of experimental protocols and an offer of lectures to be held in the classroom for primary and secondary school students. These will provide students with experimental activities and a direct contact with CIIMAR researchers and their work. The lectures are intended for the school public and will be held free of charge in the classroom by IIC researchers in schools in the North region. These will address current topics of interest in marine biology and environmental impact, inserted in the research areas of CIIMAR. To schedule a lecture to your students choose your area of interest, from among the list below, and contact us by email, indicating your school, the chosen area, and the preferred dates and times for its realization. Please contact us as early as possible; this is the best way to ensure that we can go to your school at the desired time.


Belem statement areas
Emerging Pollutants
Ocean Resources
Time frame
2012 - Ongoing


Laura Guimarães
Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental