Canada’s Oceans Now: Atlantic Ecosystems, 2018

Canada’s Oceans Now: Atlantic Ecosystems, 2018



The infographics “Canada’s Oceans Now: Atlantic Ecosystems, 2018” outlines key messages in an illustrated format. These engaging graphics enable Canadians to see information about the changing Atlantic ecosystems at a glance. There are several different inphografics: (1) Tracking Change in the Atlantic: Global climate change is impacting the three Atlantic bioregions in many ways; (2) Warmer Water: Climate change-driven rise in air temperature is leading to warmer sea-surface waters in the Atlantic Ocean ecosystems; (3) Sea Ice Loss: For the past decade, ice volumes on the Newfoundland and Labrador Shelves, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the Scotian Shelf have generally been lower than normal. Many recent years had record-low values.


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