Cabaz do Peixe

Cabaz do Peixe



Sale of fresh fish from small artisanal fishing, mostly with hooks. The fish is bought from local fishermen, at a fairer price, and sold in weekly baskets to the final consumer. The consumer cannot choose the fish, he can only identify up to 3 species that he does not want to be included, and he pays 20€ for a 3kg basket. The Cabaz do Peixe (Fish Basket) consists of the sale of fresh fish, from the Sesimbra vessels, preferably hook fishing, which guarantees a greater freshness and quality of the fish. The fish is bought by the fishing owners’ association itself, a non-profit association, in order to eliminate intermediaries, so fishermen sell at fairer value for their work, and everyone can buy at a better price. How it work? The customer does not choose which species of fish he wants but has all the freedom to indicate up to 3 species that he does not want to be included. The basket has about 3 kg of gross weight and includes 3 or more different species for the value of 25€, paid in cash at the time of delivery. The fish is already flaking and gutted, ready for its cooking, and depending on the type of fish there are more or less losses, so the weight varies slightly.


Belem statement areas
Ocean Resources
Time frame
2015 - Ongoing


Associação dos Armadores de Pesca Local e Artesanal do Centro Sul